American Laundry will offer to his new CUSTOMERS a special introductory offer which will be as follows: the first month of service will be at a reduced price of $ 1.70 per pound with no weight limit, after the first month THE CUSTOMER will start paying the regular price per pound which is $ 1.97 per pound.

To start using our site and services, you just have to click "become a customer" which is located in the upper right part of our home page, fill out all the questions and press "submit".

Attention due to the large amount of clothing that may be in an order, at American Laundry we do not have time and staff available to review garment by garment, for this reason American Laundry does not undertake or take responsibility for any stained or broken garment.

Each client is obliged to check their garments to avoid that they contain the following elements: lipsticks, crayons, pens, sweets, gum, chocolates, screws, any other kind of metal or any other element that affects the garments in the washing process and drying. American Laundry is not responsible if your garments contain hidden any of these elements and cause permanent damage to your garments.

American Laundry is not responsible for losses if your garments bring values such as: jewelry, watches, wallets, money, credit cards or any other value, however if any of our workers find any of these items mentioned above in the washing and drying process, THE VALUE WILL BE RETURNED TO THE CUSTOMER.

American Laundry will always do its best to treat stains on your clothes, but American Laundry does not guarantee that stains will come out 100% especially if the stains are from: oil, lipstick, wine or blood.

American Laundry provides the 24-hour delivery service the requirements are: submit your order before 11 am, this so that it is delivered with quality and promptness within 24 hours, the maximum of pounds should not exceed more than 100 pounds, if the customer has more than 100 pounds they can be divided into two deliveries, one the same day and the rest the next day, arrangements are required.

If the client is not going to be present at the time of the pick-up or delivery of the garments, THE CUSTOMER is obliged to provide us in detail the exact place where they want their clothes to be picked up or delivered either way home or building, such as: front porch, patio, back yard, lobby or another different place.

For a better service THE CLIENT is obliged to let us know which are their fragile or delicate garments and are treated in a different way, in the same way THE CLIENT must separate their regular garments from the fragile ones, this so that American Laundry can provide a service suitable according to their clothes, without causing any damage, also the customer should separate their clothes to wash & fold from the ones to be dry cleaning.

After American Laundry receives your order, a driver will be dispatched to the pick-up place, the clothes must be completely ready to be packed and transported to our facilities, in case THE CLIENT is not present. THE CLIENT must specify the exact place where he leaves his clothes to be lifted and it will be AT THE RISK OF THE CLIENT. If the American Laundry driver arrives at the place and cannot find the CLIENT or the clothes, there will be a restocking fee of $ 10.00 dollar.

After the service is performed and before being delivered American Laundry will send the CLIENT an email with the invoice and the detailed amount that will be charged to the credit card or debit , this amount will be attempting to collet under the CUSTOMER registered credit card, NOTE: if the attemting goes declined or the credit card goes declined the clothes wont be delivered, untill CUSTOMER made arregements with American Laundry.

We have three different kinds of services, which are: wash & fold, dry cleaning and commercial wash, you can click, "price list button", that is located in the upper middle part of our home page, and the site will display all the current prices per each service.

Most of the payments are through credit or debit cards, the customer can use it only once, or can register it for future services, cash is accepted with arrangements made.

Usually the wash & fold service takes 24 hours, Dry cleaning usually takes 24 hours and Commercial service must be with arrangements made.

We will accept orders of 20 pounds or more, however if the order consists of less than 25 pounds, the charge will be for 20 pounds.

We have a processing fee of $1.50 Dollars per each order.

We use three kinds of soap that the customer can choose according to their needs: regular powder soap, liquid soap (Tide, Gain or Oxy) with an extra charge and we offer a non-essence free without extra charge.

The CUSTOMER is obliged to let us know the kind of soap that suits their needs and the service, American Laundry ONLY uses three kinds of soap for the Wash & Fold service: regular powder soap, liquid soap (Tide, Gain or Oxy) and free essence soap, The Customer will choose what kind of soap he wants to use for his service and in the same way he will choose if he wants to use FABRIC SOFTENER, it will be AT HIS OWN RISK, American Laundry will not be liable for any allergy or itching or any another healt issue due to soap that the CUSTOMER chose.

We cover the entire DMV metro area, if you want a service beyond, arrangements have to be made.

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